By Mark Gallagher

Bryce Harper had had enough.

He was standing in right field last night at Nationals Park listening to the boos of the whiny Nats fans who will never forgive him for departing for Philly.

Even though the Nats made no real effort to keep him.

In the eighth inning of yet another loss to the Nats, he pointed his right thumb toward the back of his jersey. He waved off the Nationals fans’ words. He declined to reveal afterward what was said, but he said it crossed a line.

“They were fine all game, talking about myself and things like that,” Harper said. “I get it everywhere I go. That’s nothing new. But the last two innings, it’s just not right. It’s not right.”

“Like I said the whole time, I’ve got 60,000 fans up in Philly that appreciate [me] as a player, appreciate me as an individual and my family as well,” he said. “I owe a lot to those people up there in Philly because they show up for me every single night and they’re there to cheer us on and boo us and keep us going as a team and as individuals as well. I’m looking forward to the next 12 years. Can’t wait.”

“Of course, there’s been times I haven’t ran out baseballs or things like that, slacked and things, but that’s part of it,” he said. “Every single night, I come out here. My team deserves that. My city, Philadelphia, deserves that.”

Harper understood that heckling is part of sports, and he said he doesn’t usually listen, but he saw this as a microcosm of a larger issue.

“Everybody has a platform now — Twitter, Instagram, in the stands, things like that,” he said. “They can kind of say whatever they want, and that’s just how it is. You just have to live with it.”

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