By Sam Bush

The Phillies were helped immeasurably by rules changes in 2022.

The DH adoption allowed Bryce Harper, who couldn’t play the outfield because of injured right elbow, to become a meaningful lineup addition and he hit .286 with 18 homers in 370 AB’s. Not to mention a crushing HR that catapulted the Phils into the World Series.

Then there was the expansion of the Wild Card to six teams, and the Phils squeaked in at 87-75.

Now the NL champ Phils have caught another break for 2023:

Star shortstop Carlos Correa and the Minnesota Twins are finalizing a six-year, $200 million contract, pending a physical, after weeks of discussion to salvage a deal with the New York Mets broke down, sources familiar with the situation told ESPN.

The stunning turn caps a whirlwind month for Correa, who agreed to a 13-year, $350 million contract with the San Francisco Giants on Dec. 13. After the Giants raised concerns about Correa’s surgically repaired right leg, he pivoted quickly to the Mets, who offered him a 12-year, $315 million contract. The Mets flagged his physical as well, and efforts to amend the deal fell apart, leading Correa back to Minnesota, where he signed after a topsy-turvy offseason last year, too.

The agreement includes a vesting option for four years and $70 million and will become official if Correa passes a medical review, which is currently taking place. The focus will be on his lower right leg, which he broke in 2014 during a minor league game, and a source said the Twins expect to be comfortable with it. Correa has not spent time on the injured list for a right leg ailment in his eight-year big league career, but Giants and Mets medical personnel were concerned about how the leg would age.

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