By Sally Risen

Tony Bruno has pulled the plug on his largely successful but lately disgraceful radio career after SiriusXM and Sports Map Radio removed The Tony Bruno Show from their airwaves after the host disparaged NBA players as illiterate on his show last month, when he said “most of these guys can’t even read.”

Bruno was responding to reports that Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James had been touting Malcolm X’s classic autobiography as one of his summer reads.

“I don’t care about the politics of these players,” Bruno reportedly said on Aug. 24. “Most of these guys can’t even read for God’s sake. You wanna give me lessons on what matters and what’s important?”

Bruno’s remarks were soon picked up by Deadspin. He later took aim at the recently relaunched sports site and the author of the article, suggesting in an unhinged rant that he would take legal action.

“I’m going to have to get a cease-and-desist,” he said. “That is fraud. And I’m going to have to get legal people on the case here.

“Deadspin is Hitler, literally. Well, not literally. They can’t be, because Hitler’s dead. They’re worse than Hitler.”

Bruno, 68, was among the first hosts on both ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio, Awful Announcing reported.

He returned to the airwaves in April of this year following a brief retirement, the site said.\

This wasn’t his first incident of bigoted or questionable behavior.

In 2011 he apologized for a tweet in which he called San Francisco Giants pitcher Ramon Ramirez an “illegal alien.” Two years ago he apologized for a tasteless joke about a mass shooting in Florida.