Says Joe Posnanski of The Athletic:

Philly fans never warmed up to Mike Schmidt — and booed the hell out of him at various points throughout his career.

It’s one of the strangest relationships in baseball history.

Schmidt is the greatest Phillies player ever, and it isn’t close at all.

Phillies position players by WAR:

  1. Mike Schmidt, 106.8
  2. Chase Utley, 61.8
  3. Ed Delahanty, 61.0
  4. Richie Ashburn, 57.7
  5. Sherry Magee, 48.1

Schmidt won three MVP Awards — all other Phillies position players combined won just three MVP Awards. (Chuck Klein in 1932, Ryan Howard in 2006, Jimmy Rollins in 2007.)

Schmidt won eight home run titles, led the league in on-base percentage three times, led the league in slugging percentage five times, led the league in RBIs four times, won 10 Gold Gloves and was the World Series MVP for the only Phillies championship team between 1883 (when they were still the Philadelphia Quakers) and 2007. He is, in my view and the view of many others, the greatest third baseman in the history of baseball.

He is the Phillies’ best player, their second-best player and their third-best player.

He is what George Brett is for the Royals, what Cal Ripken Jr. is for the Orioles, what Stan Musial is for the Cardinals.

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