By Sam Bush

You might think that Cole Hamels trade value has plunged after his last two miserable starts for the Phillies.

But no, but no.

Hamels’ bad last two starts are being chalked up to the difficulty of spending nearly a year on the trade block.

“He looks fine,” one AL scout said told “It was 100 degrees. He’s playing for a miserable team. And it may be hard to get motivated.”

Asked if the Phillies would be able to get a huge prospect back for Hamels, two AL executives nodded that they would indeed. If it comes down to Houston or staying in Philly, that may be a tough call for Hamels. He is said to much prefer Los Angeles (he’s from San Diego) or Texas (where he has relatives), two of the nine teams on his pre-approved list.

While they’ve fielded interest in Jeff Francoeur, he’s such a plus around the clubhouse it may not be worth trading him for the very middling prospect he’d bring back.

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