By Barbara Harrison

These might be the final days for former All Pro Eagle guard Evan Mathis.

Chip Kelly cut him a month ago rather than give in to his dumb-o agent’s demands for a $3 million raise over the $5.5 million he was contracted to have made in Philly.

At a time when plenty of teams have plenty of problems on the offensive line, a Pro Bowl, free-agent offensive lineman remains available to anyone who wants to sign him.

The Seahawks are sufficiently interested in Mathis to bring him to Seattle for a visit. Coach Pete Carroll, however, has downplayed the team’s interest in Mathis.

“He’s coming for a physical. That’s all,” Carroll said, via Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune.

On one hand, that’s plenty. A football team isn’t a free clinic; if a player is getting a physical, there’s a clear in interest in the player.

On the other hand, Carroll likely wants to make it clear that there will be no blank checks issued to Mathis, who was due to make $5.5 million from the Eagles this year.

Currently, Carroll has a safety with three years left on a contract that pays him $4.55 million in 2015 who won’t show up for camp and a defensive end who isn’t happy with his own three-years-left contract who did show up and plenty of other guys who surely believe they should be given raises before a stranger to the team gets anything.

So it will be a delicate process, with the Seahawks trying to solve issues on their offensive line without further disrupting a delicate balance that current isn’t balanced very well.

Meanwhile, other teams are interested but not interested enough to bring Mathis in for a physical or a visit or even talk about their interest in him on the record.

On one hand, Mathis has to be getting a little nervous that no one is meeting his salary demands, whatever they are. On the other hand, he has managed to pull a late-career Favre, missing training camp and half of the preseason.


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