By Harold Bradshaw

Quarterback Carson Wentz is having the worst year of his five-season career, and his coach is out to lunch about helping him.

Doug Pederson had his presser today and seemed not to understand that Eagles Nation thinks Wentz’s failings are his fault.

“You know, this question of ‘Is he being coached hard enough?’ I don’t necessarily understand. He’s being coached the way that we would coach any of our players,” Pederson said in answer to a question about accountability.

“We coach ‘em all the same. We coach ‘em hard and aggressive, and we’re trying to get the most out of all of our guys. It just so happens that the quarterback position is magnified. Just like my position as head coach is magnified. Every decision, every throw, everything that he and I do is gonna get criticized, and that’s OK.

“But I know how he’s being coached, and I know how he’s receiving the coaching, and how he’s practicing and how he’s working with all the players and working with the offensive line, and I get it — it hasn’t been perfect. But we’re still working, and we’re gonna get better each week.”