Pat Gillick’s and David Montgomery’s Phils are headed for another disastrous season.

By Harry Allison

Everybody picks the Phillies to finish dead last in NL East and maybe have the worst record in baseball.

And now the algorithms have spoken:

PECOTA — Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm, a sabermetric system forforecasting major league baseball player performance. — predicts the Phils will lose 92 games, meaning they will win just 70, worse than the last two seasons when they only 73 each.

And here’s what Will Leitch thinks:

It’s no fun to pile on a team that just lost to the University of Tampa — which isn’t even a Division I college team — but it’s gonna be a long, rough year for Phillies fans. The key to their “hopes” of losing 100, though, is that if anyone has a positive year by the trade deadline, they’re going to be shipped out for prospects. This is another thing you need to lose 100: The active pursuit of getting worse as the season goes along rather than better. They’ve got a six-game homestand to end the year. The Phillies haven’t lost 100 games since 1961. So get your tickets now … to see history!