By Julie Glass

The Fanatic’s Mike Missanelli was ousted from his Sunday night 6ABC gig because of his silly comments about why a woman has no place telecasting an NFL game.

Here’s his reaction:

“Now, full disclosure, I gotta tell this, because I haven’t told it, and no one has asked me about it… but I had a regular appearance on Channel 6 on Sports Sunday. And I had made a comment, if you remember, three weeks ago about Beth Mowins, and what I was trying to do, actually, was trying stimulate conversation, and sometimes you get trapped into trying to stimulate conversation on touchy subjects. So what I said was why do we feel the need to have a female play-by-play announcer. Now, I said it to stimulate conversation, but I was wrong in saying it. And I walked the comment back almost immediately, if you remember, Andrew. I said I was out of line for saying that. But what happened was a lot of haters blew it up on social media, and I was dismissed from the Channel 6 gig. Now I have nobody to blame but myself. Did I think it was a harsh result? Yeah, I do think it was a harsh result. But I was the one who said it, so I took the heat basically. And there are some things you can’t do these days. So I accept full responsibility. And I was out. Just like that. Because what I didn’t realize is that Channel 6 is owned by Disney, which owns ESPN, and I had mentioned an ESPN broadcaster. And I had a lot of fun doing that show, and I thought it was a good show. But that’s the way it goes.”

Here’s what Missanelli said about Mowins before later walking it back:

Missanelli: “I don’t know why the sporting world needs a female play-by-play person on an NFL game. And I know that sounds harsh, and I just want to know what is the reason for it? Do you have any thoughts on that, Andrew?”

“Here’s my rationale for that: women don’t grow up playing football. Now, I understand that women also don’t grow up playing baseball and that Jessica whatever her name is does a really good job, not as a play-by-play person, but as an analyst.


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