By Tommy Matthews

Paul George says he wanted to stay in Los Angeles but that his contract negotiations with the team got off to a rocky start and stalled out. Although Philly wasn’t his first choice, it’s a destination he is thrilled to head to.

George said on his show that he had “a great collective conversation” with Embiid and Maxey, though the discussions were either between George and Embiid or George and Maxey. But the takeaway from talking with them was that the fit in Philly is exactly what George would want on a new team.

“Tyrese, man, one of the most mature kids in the league, one of the most mature kids for his age,” George said.

“He was just like, ‘Man, I learned so much when Big Fella went down. It was a ton of pressure on me. I was able to see different defenses, learn, grow.’ I’m like, ‘Man, yeah, whatever I can help with in getting you even better, that’s what I’m here for.’ He’s a star. We all know he is a star. He’s got number-one option capabilities and you need fresh legs, that liveliness that he has.”

“Joel, simple,” George continued.

“I’m going to space the floor for you. I’m going to do this, that — there’s so many ways we can play off one another. Like I said, I’ve never played with someone so big and dominant like that. He’s the best or one of the best centers in the league, bro. That’s a beast. Baby Shaq. Again, it’s a dream come true having a star point guard and a star big. That’s a crazy dynamic right there.”

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