By Harvey Hoffman

The Sixers may be catching a break on the injury front as they prepare to break fast in the bubble.

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are healthy.

But the Pacers, who hold the No. 5 seed because of a 2-1 series edge over the Sixers, have some issues:.

Most notably to Domantas Sabonis, who left the bubble and will not play with plantar fasciitis in his left foot.

A first time All-Star, Sabonis’ absence will be noticeable.

“We’re trying the treatment every day,” Sabonis said. “We’re trying to get the pain down. The main goal is to get it away, but with an injury like this, you don’t know how long it can take.”

Myles Turner also missed Thursday’s scrimmage and Victor Oladipo missed 52 games with knee and quad injuries. But Victor Oladipo practiced Thursday and Friday and could potentially play against the Sixers.

“Coming down here, getting some practices in, getting my feet under me, going out there playing with the guys, there’s a possibility that I could play,” said Oladipo, who’s waiting until Saturday to make his decision about whether to play.

For several weeks, Oladipo seemed convinced that he wouldn’t be healthy enough to play. Now with Sabonis sidelined, Oladipo’s presence would be a major lift.

“After coming down here, reassessing every day out there playing 5-on-5 with these guys, moving around, doing basketball-related things like rebounding, change of speed, changing ends of the floor, running … I’m trending in a positive direction,” Oladipo said.