By Mark Gallagher

Will Philly restaurants soon be able to increase their capacity from 25% to 50% following Pennsylvania’s lead in upping capacity?

Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said yesterday that the city will review the policy change and consider it.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced earlier in the day that the state would allow restaurants to increase indoor dining capacity to 50% on Sept. 21.

Restaurants in Philly were only allowed to reopen for indoor dining on yesterday at 25% capacity.

“The restaurants in Philadelphia should not assume that we will just follow the government’s policy change here in the city,” Farley said.

The city has been more restrictive than the state during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We will continue to be more restrictive if we feel it is necessary to protect Philadelphia residents,” Farley said.

Some Philly restaurants have said they will not reopen for indoor dining until the city allows a minimum of 50% capacity.