By Theodore N. Beitchman

In the age of Trump, there is now no such thing as irony:

As in Melania Trump’s Be Best campaign to deal with cyber-bullying when she is married to the world’s biggest cyber bully.

Bringing irony a little closer to home is the ultimate member of the Over the Hill Gang, WIP and Philly Voice’s Angelo Cataldi, who actually wrote this:

ESPN is so concerned about plunging ratings for its pre- and post-game NFL shows that it may be bringing back, back, back the most tired act in sports broadcasting, Chris Berman. Yeah, that’s the answer. Fans can’t wait to hear him say, “He could go all the way. . . .” another 1,000 times this season. The viewers are clamoring for more of his old stories about hobnobbing with coaches and owners. In sports broadcasting, there really are no new ideas.

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