By Theodore N. Beitchman

The pursuit of fitness and nutrition is the Holy Grail for men and women today — especially aging baby boomers.

And once you sample that combo it’s sort of like Joel Embiid and Carson Wentz to Philly sports nuts: We’ve got a taste and now we want more!

So to fill that void comes a new Bryn Mawr spot that combines fitness and nutrition the way many have long sought:

Body X, which opens today, at 22 N. Bryn Mawr Avenue.

francesThe brainchild of founder Frances Vavloukis (left), Body X seeks to “shape a successful fitness experience that’s exactly right for you, no matter your age or experience level.”

Vavloukis has taken a circuitous route to Body X.

An Annapolis native, she took up synchronized swimming at Longwood University, then became a certified fitness and personal trainer.

Steve Poses, of the legendary Frog Commisary brought her to Philly as a store and catering manager. Subsequently, she attended L’Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda, Md., then became a pastry chef and event coordinator at Ridgewell Caterers, Washington’s most esteemed caterer.

Frances returned to Philly in 2002 and opened Organically Scrumptious, a bakery and cooking school, which she was able to run when she moved back to Annapolis where she honed her nutrition skills at Whole Foods before returning to Philly in 2014. She plunged back into fitness work and working as a guest chef at Cook, the popular demonstration at 20th and Rittenhouse Sts.

When she decided to start Body X, Frances was quite clear:

“My mission is to provide a basic foundation and education for optimum health and well-being through fitness and nutrition,” Frances says proudly on the Body X web site. “My favorite workout is cross training with many types of exercises including yoga so your body is always experiencing different movement.”

bikesBody X offers healthy cooking demos in a state-of-the-art kitchen and a modern gym space for strength-training classes. Frances employs a team of talented trainers and the rates for fitness classes and healthy cooking are quite reasonable!

Call 1-800-800-2639 for an appointment or just pop in!

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