By Theodore N. Beitchman

The job of a beat reporter for a major daily newspaper these days is a lonely one.

You’ve got to file for tomorrow’s dead-tree edition.

You’ve got to blog about twice or three times a day for the web site.

And you’ve got to suck up to Comcast SportsNet to ensure that you get face time on “Philly Sports Scream.”

All the while you are getting your lunch eaten for news by real reporters with real sources at, and, just to name a few.

Take the Inky’s Jeff McLane.


Earlier this week he actually wrote this about an alleged meeting between Eagles coach Chip Kelly and USC reps who were looking for a new coach:

But reported on Twitter that the meeting took place – “believe it was Friday,” whoever runs the website wrote – and because has successfully reported some college news before, there was an obligation to ask Kelly about it on Monday.

See what I mean?

Because a tin-horn web site “reports” something, McLane feels compelled to ask Kelly a stupid question since he had already denied meeting with any college rep.

“I wasn’t in Philly on Friday, so that’s wrong,” Kelly told McLane. “I haven’t met with them. I haven’t talked to them. I haven’t had a conversation with anybody from USC.”

“I can’t control what’s written, but I guess there are no rules that people can write, tweet or whatever,” Kelly said. “I don’t know the rules. They can say whatever they want. But I’ve never discussed another college job since I came here.”


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