By Tommy Matthews

The whole world has seen what the pairing of James Harden and Joel Embiid has meant to the Sixers:

For the first time all year, Philly has a real point guard and that has resulted in better entry passes, more open looks for jumpers and two blowout wins.

The whole world doesn’t include Stephen A. Smith, who has doubled down on his Daryl Morey Hate Fest.

And Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo Sports, who believes Harden is a bad teammate and a franchise-killer because he wanted out of dysfunctional teams in Houston and Brooklyn.

Of course, Harden was to have been traded to Philly more than a year ago but Houston didn’t want to do biz with their ex-exec Morey.

If Rohrback sounds like a Sixers-hater, it may be because two weeks ago he pissed on them for trading Ben Simmons, who hasn’t played since last June 20 because of “mental issues.”

Rohrbach writes like a Celtics groupie from Boston:

The pattern here is clear.

The first two games of Harden’s Sixers tenure are the onset of his honeymoon phase with Embiid, but adversity lies ahead.

It always does.

The 76ers are Embiid’s team, Philadelphia is Embiid’s city, and that has never been Harden’s modus operandi.

Ceding control would be a first for him, as would a trip to the NBA Finals, as would an on-court superstar relationship that stands the test of time.

The Sixers better hope this one holds up through the end of this season, when Harden can become an unrestricted free agent.

He told ESPN’s Malika Andrews prior to this season that he wanted to test the market.

He also told her “it would be very, very difficult to leave” Brooklyn.

That was only five months ago.

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