By Peter Gleason

So, another national media gasbag is weighing in on Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford,with the judgment that the Birds should trade their petulant, whining holdout quarterback.

Good luck with that.

Nobody wants him!

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell, however, thinks the team should still grant Bradford his wish — and do it this season.

Nothing about the Bradford situation feels tenable or helpful to either side. The Eagles would likely take back the Bradford deal if they could, and while he’s probably a better short-term option than Daniel, the Eagles would do well to get Bradford’s salary off their cap for 2017. They already owe $164.1 million on their cap next year without re-signing defensive lineman Fletcher Cox, and while $17 million would come off the cap if Bradford moves on, they could get that figure up to $22.5 million if they moved on from Bradford this year via trade.

The Eagles have until June 1 if they want to trade Bradford and have him come off of the books completely.

If Bradford is dealt prior to June 1, his full $11 million in dead cap space will go against the books this season. Since Bradford is already on the books for $12.5 million this year, it would actually save the Eagles cap space if they traded him.

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