By Sarah Berkowitz

The national sports media is fascinated by Eagles Supreme Leader Chip Kelly — just as the local lame-ass media are.

By the way, if I were the sports editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer or Daily News I would have been steamed that the Washington Post and not a Philly-based media organ made a splash 10 days ago with a long piece that broke the news that Kelly had in fact been married, and that he dislikes vegetables but likes beer.

Sounds pretty normal to me, but the Fanatic’s Mike Missanelli thinks that the fact that Kelly “covered up” his divorce is a tell that Kelly doesn’t like to admit failure!

Or, more likely, he thinks his personal life is just that.

Kelly says that contrary to common belief, the recent revelation that he was once married wasn’t something that he’s been hiding. It’s just something he doesn’t care to discuss publicly.

Kelly says that if people are interested in his football team, that’s something he’ll discuss. His personal life? He doesn’t get why anyone would care.

“I just think it’s bizarre,” Kelly told Albert Breer of NFL Network. “I just coach football. That’s what it’s all about. Why people want to know about that other part, I don’t know. I’m not a social media guy, I don’t tweet, I don’t Facebook, whatever all that stuff is. It’s no different than Darren Sproles [not liking to] talk to the media. It bothers me when people don’t respect that. Because you play a professional sport or you coach a professional sport, why does it have to be like that?”

Kelly’s comparison of himself to Sproles doesn’t really hold water. Sproles doesn’t like giving interviews because he stutters and often struggles with speaking when he feels rushed by reporters who are just looking for a quick sound bite. Sproles, who majored in speech pathology at Kansas State, has been open about his stuttering and does discuss it publicly, including working with the Stuttering Foundation.

Kelly’s privacy, on the other hand, is just a personal preference.

“I have a very bland, quiet life,” Kelly said. “There’s not a lot there. And I’m not hiding anything, either. There’s no revelations. You wanna talk football? I’ll talk football. That’s my job.”

Kelly’s approach to football makes him one of the most intriguing coaches in the NFL, and that’s why fans are interested in knowing more about him. And, of course, the fact that so many fans are so interested in football is why Kelly is a multimillionaire. If he wants to maintain his privacy that’s his right, but it’s also fair for fans to want to know more about the coach who is turning the NFL on its ear.

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