By Lewis Gould

Everybody needs to take a chill pill.

There is talk among idiotic radio talk show hosts who have inspired it that the Eagles should contemplate trading their best player, Fletcher Cox, to move up in the April 28 draft.


Cox is the Eagles best player and he’s only 25 years old, which is not much older than some of the players in the draft. And now, back in a 4-3 defensive scheme, he’s only going to get better.

You don’t trade players as good as Cox, you find other good players and build around him.

That’s part of the rationale in this trade nonsense. Cox and the team have not come too terms on a new deal. What’s the rush? He’s under contract this year for a bargain, $7.9 million. And the team could franchise him in 2017. Getting a new deal done would be nice, but it’s not imperative. Trading him would be a panic-driven mistake.

Without Cox, Vinny Curry would be less effective. Brandon Graham would be practically invisible. The linebackers wouldn’t be as good. And without a pass rush, God help the secondary.

When you’re an Eagles team that have seen the likes of Marcus Smith and Danny Watkins as first-round selections, you don’t trade the one you actually got right. Not unless you want to go 55 more years without a championship.

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