By Peter Gleason

So, the biggest newspaper in New Jersey runs an editorial — seriously guys, aren’t there more important things to write about, like ISIS, toxic dumps and God knows what else? — essentially defending thin-skinned Gov. Chris Christie.

1282476397581927310His skin is about the only thing that is thin, as he proved when he showed up in a softball uni that was so tight it looks to have been painted on.

Christie made the news in Philly last fall when he was sucking up and hugging and tried to kiss Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

And now he is fair game for everything now that he is running for president, or so he says as the Bridgegate trial starts in the fall.

The Newark Star-Ledger has been banging the guv on merit for his woeful record in office, and now it is sticking up for him.

Read the smarmy editorial:

Just because you are not a fan of Chris Christie doesn’t mean you should be body-shaming him.

Ask yourself: Are you still in fifth grade?

The baseball pants photos have gone viral, in the most cretinous way. Enough of this ghoulish feed fest. It was a charity event. Star-Ledger Columnist Steve Politi is right — lay off him.

If Christie were a female politician, would we tolerate this degree of nastiness? Are we really ok with counting the wrinkles on Hillary Clinton’s face?

Christie isn’t a professional model. He wasn’t working a Hollywood red carpet. There are plenty of reasons not to elect him president, but his weight shouldn’t be one of them.

How many of us actually think it would be better for Christie to call in sick to a charity event that raised thousands of dollars for the families of fallen NYPD officers, on the advice of some political handler, so he doesn’t have to put on a pair of white baseball pants and be photographed in them?

That’s what we’re advocating, by lambasting him. Just because this is the type of treatment usually given to women in the public eye doesn’t mean it’s ok for men.

So good for Christie for ignoring the haters. Maybe he took a page from comedian Amy Schumer, who tells the critics who call her chubby: “From the bottom of my heart — I could not care less.”

Or, in the words of Lady Gaga: “I’d rather be fat than be shallow.”

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