So says the Wall Street Journal:

Yesterday’s 6-3 SCOTUS ruling struck down a federal law prohibiting state sports gambling outside Nevada; it’s expected to free the marketplace beyond those velvety rooms in Las Vegas with the big TVs and a lot of men who look like they’ve never seen the sun.

New Jersey brought the case, but other states are lining up to be liberated. A massive, underground economy will rise from the soil into the daylight, making it legit, ending the charade of enforcement, and minting a new era of tycoons.

It’s really beautiful, isn’t it? It makes me want to weep. Or at least bet on the Celtics to take down the Cavs.

Look: you’re going to hear a lot of hype over the next few days about how transformative this moment is for American sport, how we will look back upon it like the invention of the forward pass, the split-fingered fastball, or Joakim Noah’s $72 million Knicks contract. You’ll hear that the very foundation of the American sports economy will shiver and quake, that today’s sports media and in-game experience will be unrecognizable within a generation.

Or…not. They’ve had sports gambling in Europe for eons. It’s neither Xanadu nor The Abyss:

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