By Max Harper

So, Nick Sirianni, how will you spend your time as Eagles head coach now that you have given up control of the offense to Kellen Moore?

“I’m able to have kind of a broad view of everything, like a 30,000-foot view,” he said after the Eagles held their final practice of minicamp on Thursday.

If he sees a running back carrying the ball in the wrong arm, he will tell him. If a cornerback makes a gamble on a pass and misses, like he said he noticed during Wednesday’s practice, he will let them know what he could have done differently.

“To be able to do things and see it from a broad view, I love doing that,” he said. “…Coaching is why we got into this, to help people become better at their craft. That will help them put in position so they can be better, help teach them detail so they can be better, help them learn situational football so they can be better.

“I love that. There’s nothing more I like than getting up in front of the team and being able to correct the tape at the end of the day, offense, defense and special teams.”

In his first three years as the head coach, Sirianni spent most, if not all, of his time with the offense in general, and quarterback Jalen Hurts specifically.

Those days are over.

“I’m not with him every second of every day like I have been in the past,” said the coach. “So, it’s about being intentional.

“But I know this: When I’m not in there, every single second of every single day, that means I’m around everybody else because my relationship with Jalen is highly important, but my relationship with (defensive tackle) Milton Williams is highly important, my relationship with defensive line coach) Clint Hurtt is highly important, my relationship with (general manager) Howie (Roseman) is highly important, and that’s what you get when you’re not so zeroed in of being with Jalen and the quarterbacks and the offense every single time of every single day.”

“There’s not a playbook,” he said, “but you try to spread it around, go through everything, and then there’s sometimes where meetings are going on and I’ve got something else to handle, and I really value that, that I’m able to give that time to the rest of the team.”

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