In light of recent events, the football world has been buzzing with speculation about the potential impact of the NCAA investigation into the University of Michigan football team on head coach Jim Harbaugh’s future.

Amid rumors of Harbaugh’s possible return to the NFL, many wondered if the investigation might cloud his prospects. However, according to Jay Glazer, a prominent NFL insider, teams appear undeterred. Once a point of concern, the investigation is reportedly no longer expected to significantly influence Harbaugh’s path back to the professional league. So, buckle up, football fans!

It seems like the NFL could soon welcome a familiar face.

Harbaugh’s Controversial Suspension

The controversial suspension of Harbaugh has been a major talking point in the Big Ten, as it arises from allegations of an illegal off-campus scouting and signal-stealing operation. The operation, led by ex-Michigan staffer Connor Stalions, involved the purchase of tickets to games and alleged recording of sidelines in an attempt to decode signs. In the middle of these allegations, Stallions resigned from his post at Michigan.

The scandal deepened when it was reported that a Michigan booster was implicated in funding the operation, and linebackers coach Chris Partridge was fired for allegedly trying to cover up evidence. Michigan initially appealed the Big Ten’s three-game suspension of Harbaugh, asserting that he was not involved and had no knowledge of the operation. However, the appeal was withdrawn once the information about the booster and Partridge surfaced.

The NCAA could inflict further punishment on Harbaugh and the Michigan football program, pending additional findings. Rumors are already flying about a more significant suspension in 2024.

Despite all this, Harbaugh was not on the sidelines for last Saturday’s crucial game between rivals Michigan and Ohio State.

Michigan won, and Harbaugh will be eligible to return for the Big Ten Championship Game and the College Football Playoff, should Michigan make it.

Potential NFL Opportunities for Harbaugh

Despite the NCAA investigation and recent controversy, Harbaugh’s credentials and past NFL success might make him an appealing candidate for teams seeking a new head coach. The speculation is particularly centered around three franchises – the Las Vegas Raiders, Washington Commanders, and Chicago Bears.

The Bears make sense because it is where Harbaugh played for the first seven years of his career, and the team could use a big name with a proven track record to get their franchise back on track. The Raiders would bring Harbaugh back out West; he was extremely successful at Stanford and with the 49ers during his early coaching years. Then there’s the Commanders, which would feel like a family reunion of sorts. His brother, John, coaches just a short drive from Washington, D.C., in Baltimore.

The Bears and Raiders, in particular, as cited by Mike Jones of The Athletic, could be most interested in Harbaugh’s services. However, as Peter King of NBC Sports points out, teams might also weigh the potential “headache” of dealing with the ongoing investigation against Harbaugh’s proven track record in the league.

Nonetheless, if Harbaugh does decide to return to the NFL, he could become one of the most sought-after head coaching candidates. The final decision, though, lies squarely on his shoulders and depends on how the ongoing investigation pans out. Fans and FanDuel NFL teams are holding their breath, waiting to see where this whirlwind ends.

Impact on Michigan’s Upcoming Games

The impact of Harbaugh’s suspension on Michigan’s upcoming games is a topic of intense discussion, including the Big 10 Championship Game against No. 17 Iowa tomorrow.

Without Harbaugh on the sidelines, the team will need to rely heavily on the expertise of the remaining coaching staff. Despite this, the Wolverines have demonstrated resilience and adaptability throughout the season, which could help them navigate these challenging times.

Although Harbaugh’s absence could be seen as a setback, it could also serve as a rallying point for the Wolverines, pushing them to perform at their best. Ultimately, the team’s performance in these upcoming games could significantly influence Harbaugh’s future and the overall reputation of the Michigan program.


The recent NCAA investigation into the University of Michigan football team and the suspension of head coach Jim Harbaugh have undoubtedly added a layer of intrigue to the current football season.

Despite the controversy, Harbaugh’s potential return to the NFL appears to remain viable, as teams appear undeterred by the ongoing investigation. As the story unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the season pans out for the Wolverines and whether they can rise above the challenges to secure victory. Additionally, the football world awaits Harbaugh’s decision on whether he will return to the NFL and, if so, which team he will choose.



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