By Max Harper

Kurt Badenhausen of reports that national revenue for the NFL in 2023 hit $13 billion. Last year, the number was $11.98 billion.

The numbers in the report come from an estimate by, based on discussions with four different teams, that the per-team revenue will be over $400 million.

The official national revenue number will appear later this month, in the Packers’ annual report. As the only publicly-traded team in the NFL, the Packers must issue a full report of their finances ever year.

The number falls short of the $14 billion that the league will be required to pay in the Sunday Ticket class action, if the verdict is upheld and tripled (which automatically will happen when the verdict is entered).

And it shows just how big of a bite the per-team liability of $440 million will take out of each team’s revenue. Under current numbers, it will exceed the national revenue that each team receives.


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