By Sally Fahey

The NFL has dropped the hammer on the media for the 2021 season.

There will be no non-team-affiliated media allowed in the Eagles or any other NFL locker room in 2021!

The league published a memo outlining the 2021 locker room policy, and the list of approved non-player personnel in locker rooms includes coaching staff, athletic training staff, equipment staff, general manager, team security, club public relations/communications and clubhouse or locker room support staff.

No more than 50 non-players will be allowed in a locker room at one time, and everyone with access must be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Not included on the list?


In fact, the NFL went out of its way to hammer home that point, writing in bold font:

Non-club-affiliated media will not be permitted in the locker room.

The implied reasoning for the policy is clear.

The NFL is protecting its players and, subsequently, its $16 billion product from COVID-19. The league reportedly fell $4.5 billion short of its revenue goal in 2020 because of the pandemic.

With COVID-19 still raging, the NFL is mitigating risk whenever and wherever it can in 2021. That includes a strict vaccine policy and limited access to players and locker rooms.