So says the Washington Post:

There has probably been more words spilled about Kapler over these past four weeks than about any rookie manager’s first month in baseball history.

He was already a polarizing figure — young (42), inexperienced, quirky, analytical, new-agey — before the Phillies played their first game under him. But after a disastrous opening week — featuring some ugly losses, some questionable moves, one colossal mistake and a loud chorus of boos greeting his introduction at the home opener — people from the Delaware Valley and across the country were questioning how much more Kapler the Phillies could take.

But of all the character traits folks have noted in Kapler — all of them true to some extent — it is another trait, one that doesn’t exactly fit the popular narrative about him, that has sustained him and will presumably continue to do so: his unwavering, relentless positivity. And as the Phillies — 15-9 and a half-game behind the Mets, entering a weekend series against the Atlanta Braves — are finding out, the feeling is contagious.

“There are new ideas, new energy around here,” said left fielder Rhys Hoskins. “There’s a new culture being established. What you’re seeing [in the standings] is not a fluke. We knew from the start of camp, with the energy that was brought, the new players we had coming in, and the maturation of a lot of the young guys we saw at the end of last year, we had a pretty good chance to do what we’re doing.”

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