From an article he wrote for the Players Tribune:

I’m excited to play with Carson Wentz, too. I thought Carson was legit the first time I saw him play, when the Eagles came to Soldier Field in Week 2 last season. I remember being on the sideline waiting to get back onto the field, and watching him make plays. I didn’t really think much of it at the time because it was only his second game, and I was thinking about what we needed to do as an offense to get into the end zone.

But I remember thinking for a quick second, Man, this kid can do some things.

As the season went on and he kept playing better, I thought that someday he was gonna be a legit MVP contender. I think he has that kind of talent.

I actually told him that the other day. He and I were texting back and forth after the news broke that I was coming to Philly. I told him that I felt like he was good enough to win an MVP someday, and that it was going to be my job to help him win it.

He straight up said he didn’t care about being MVP.

He wanted to win a championship.

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