By Michael Bennett

The Carolina Panthers opened up their vaults to give Matt Rhule a seven-year, $62.7 million contract to leave Baylor and become their new head coach.

And in an interview with NBC Sports Peter King, Rhule gives his experience as head man at Temple a big shout-out:

“… when you’re at Temple, you can’t sit there and spend any time worrying about the things you don’t have. You better find the things you have and be really proud of them.

“I’ll never forget [like Rhule, a former Temple coach] Bruce Arians told me one time: ‘Just remember this. The best thing, the best asset you have at Temple is the people. And that’s all you need.’ He was right. It wasn’t your facilities.

“I met some of the best people I knew at Temple, and I learned that facilities don’t win; people and players and coaches win. So then I went to Baylor. And Baylor had great facilities and all those things and we had to rebuild it. I think I just said to myself, Hey, remember what you learned at Temple and try to build it with relationships and people.”

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