By Sally Fahey

ESPN analysts ex-Celt Kendrick Perkins and ex-Sixer JJ Redick went at it yesterday about whether MVP voters in the media have inconsistent criteria for the award, which favors white players.

Redick responded by saying a flaw of “First Take” is that hot takes like Perkins’ are encouraged without evidence.

“JJ, I appreciate you brother. Real talk, I appreciate you for challenging me on this whole conversation,” Perkins said.

“Because guess what? It’s an uncomfortable conversation, but it was something that needed to be had because for the simple fact is, is this: This is how a lot of former African-American players have been feeling for decades now. So yes, it was brought up and yes, we went at it, but it was a conversation that we had. Someone had to address the elephant in the room and that was a conversation that needed to be had. But I appreciate you, brother. I’m good, long as you good.”

“Perk, you know I respect your experience I respect every former player’s experience. I can’t speak on that,” Redick responded. “I understand what you’re saying. We’re always good.”

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