By Peter Brennan

There is a consensus that the NBA has three choices in dealing with the now-paused 2019-20 season:

Season is shortened

Under this circumstance, teams around the league hold their current records and eventually advance into a playoff matchup that will be set for a later date (when its safe enough to resume play).

With roughly 20 games left for most teams, this option could create a bit of discord. The Lakers and Bucks would be granted No. 1 seeds in their respective conference playoffs, while other teams that are currently vying for a spot in the postseason would simply be left out of the equation.


If the NBA chooses to postpone the regular season, games would resume once health officials deem it safe it play.

As part of a telephone interview with ESPN’s Get Up yesterday, Mavs owner Mark Cuban noted that this is likely the option that the NBA will take. If this course of action comes to pass, regular season games could be played all the way into July (and maybe even August).

Suspending the season will also lead to other, more unique challenges for some of the lesser-known faces of the NBA, such as the ushers and vendors at arenas. Cuban, who learned about this season’s suspension on live television, is taking steps to aid these employees.


A complete cancellation of this season would be the darkest option, though it is certainly within the realm of possibility. All games would cease, including the playoffs, and there would be no 2020 NBA champion.

This may seem like a harsh option, but consider the fact that two NBA players have already tested positive for coronavirus. Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was the first confirmed case in the league. Then, yesterday news came that his teammate, Donovan Mitchell, had also tested positive.


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