By Lewis Gould

With his clown car morning radio talk show about to beaten into a pulp in the ratings by The Fanatic’s Anthony Gargano, Angelo Cataldi has taken leave of his senses.

I know, he took leave of his senses a long time ago.

That’s true.

Cataldi sticks his wet finger into the wind, decides which way public opinion is going on any one issue and then goes the other way.

Some people would call that a contrarian.

I call that a wimp and a phony.

Take what he wrote this morning on something called PhillyVoice, which evidently pays Cataldi to write for them on Tuesdays:

Follow the logic. At best, Tebow will be third on the depth chart, a specialist for wildcat formations or maybe goal-line plays and two-point conversions. But the real importance of Tebow’s presence on the Eagles’ roster is none of that. The essence of this bizarre move is what it says about the guy who put him there, coach/GM Chip Kelly.

Philadelphia has never had anyone like Kelly running one of our sports franchises – bold, fearless, aggressive and totally uninterested in the public’s opinion. Like it or not, this is Kelly’s team now. Tebow’s signing was final proof that Kelly will stop at nothing to win, and he doesn’t care what anybody else has to say about it.

The key phrase in that excerpt is:

“Like it or not, this is Kelly’s team now.”

Earth to Angelo:

It’s been Kelly’s team since January 2013, and anyone who doubts that — does Howie Boy Roseman ring a bell — is simply ignoring reality.

But then Cataldi has been doing that, stealing WIP’s money and getting away with it for years.

My guess he won’t last till the end of his present contract.

Philly’s Public discourse will be much better off without him.

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