As it has for at least 30 years under all its different owners, the main journalistic source in this region has editorialized against gambling expansion as a “bad bet,” an overused cliche if ever there was one, which also happens to be false. It’s a sure bet that people will be employed who were jobless and lots of people will have fun, which the Inky must also think is a “bad bet.”

In addition, the Inky threw in this sugar plum:

“It also threatens to damage the integrity of sports.

“Imagine if a casino was in the Vet Stadium parking lot when Pete Rose played for the Phillies. But the sports leagues that once opposed betting on games now want in on the action. Major League Baseball just named MGM Resorts International its official “gaming” partner.

“Having a casino operating round the clock next to the parking lot where thousands of Eagles fans party for hours before and after games is also asking for trouble. Same goes for concert fans and other sports fans.

“The state and city should stop betting against residents and enact polices that help build wealth.”

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