By Sam Bush

The Major League Baseball Players Association has countered the owners proposal, and it calls for a 70-game season and expanded playoffs in 2020 and 2021.

In a statement announcing the proposal, MLBPA executive director Tony Clark said: “We believe this offer represents the basis for an agreement on a resumption of play.”

Among the details in MLBPA’s new proposal, sources told ESPN’s Jeff Passan:

70-game season from July 19 through Sept. 30;

Full pro-rated pay;

Spring training to begin June 26th-28th;

Expanded playoffs in 2020 and 2021 season;

Minimum pool for playoff shares in 2020 based on rounds played, $50 million if full playoff is staged;

50/50 split of incremental TV revenues for any additional post-season games in ’21;

Salary Advance forgiveness for all players in Tiers I-III of March agreement;

Opt-outs — Full service/salary for players who are high risk and those who live with high-risk individuals;

$10 million for “social justice initiatives” (funded from welfare plan);

$50 million to be transferred from joint funds (ITF) to the commissioner’s discretionary fund;

Clubs granted permission to sell advertisements/patches on uniforms in ’20 and ’21;

Enhanced housing allowances in spring training and regular season;

Universal DH in ’20 and ’21;

Parties to collaborate on broadcast enhancements;

Mutual waiver of potential grievances under the March agreement.

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