By Theodore N. Beitchman

So, Shady McCoy actually preferred Andy Reid, the slow-thinking coach who drafted him out of Pitt.

And he prefers Buffalo to Philly.

And he obviously prefers the cartoon character of a coach, Rex Ryan, to Eagles coach Chip Kelly.

McCoy is starting to resemble Donovan McNabb in one important area:

Passive aggressiveness!

It’s an old story.

A player says all the right things at the time, all the while seething beneath the surface. And then, at an inopportune moment, the valve breaks and the truth comes out.

Here’s some truth, Shady.

You were a great running back for the Eagles, and I loved your talent, your heart and your attitude — most of the time.

But your whining that “Chip Kelly doesn’t want stars” because he cut the emotionally fragile DeSean Jackson and then traded your talented self doesn’t hold water.

DeMarco Murray (photo above) is a star and he signed him.

Marcus Mariota is a star, and we have been led to believe (though not by Kelly) that he will move heaven and earth to draft him on 23 days.

The reality is that he didn’t like your running style or your contract, which was crafted by Howie Boy Roseman.

It’s not that Kelly doesn’t want stars.

He simply didn’t want you.

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