By Theodore N. Beitchman

You have no doubt lately been reading and thinking a lot about the Curse of Philly Sports.

The latest alleged example is Eagles super quarterback Carson Wentz wrecking his ACL last Sunday in the Rams game and going out for the season.

Woe is me. Woe is us, pardon the expression!

Please, stop.

Season-ending injuries in the NFL are as common as the games themselves.

Just this year, J. J. Watt and Deshaun Watson have endured injuries that ended their Houston Texans seasons. That’s two superstars on one team, and you don’t hear anyone in Houston talking about a curse, unless it involves a hurricane.

The notion that the Eagles or the Sixers, Flyers or Phillies are cursed is a relic of the days when this great old town’s sports junkies were under the delusional impression that we weren’t good enough.

New York is the seat of business and Washington the seat of government, where once Philly was both.

Woe is us. We’re not good enough.

And now Philly is one of the hottest towns in the USA, in case you hadn’t noticed. But “the curse” lives on, propagated by this town’s lazy and lame-ass media, which have an investment in keeping the notion alive that our teams are cursed.

As in:

“There’s no way Nick Foles can quarterback the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Let alone win it.”

If only Wentz hadn’t gotten hurt.


Once there was the Curse of the Bambino — the Boston Red Sox hadn’t won a World Series since 1918, two years before they traded Babe Ruth, the Bambino, to the dreaded Yankees. Turns out there was no Curse of the Bambino. Just lousy management, which they solved in 2004.

Then there was the Curse of the Billy Goat — the Chicago Cubs had last won a World Series in 1908, and they made it in 1945, when William Sianis brought his pet goat to Wrigley Field and was asked to leave because the goat’s odor was bothering other fans. Sianis, who owned the Billy Goat tavern, supposedly put a curse on the Cubs, which was only broken when new management hired Theo Epstein from the Red Sox, resulting in the Cubs’ 2016 World Series win.

In Philly, the Sixers of Julius Erving and Maurice Cheeks couldn’t get over the hump and kept losing to the Lakers in the early 1980s. Then the owner, Harold Katz, traded for Moses Malone and the curse was broken in 1983 with an NBA title — sweeping the Lakers in the Finals.

Just last Sunday on “Eagles Post Game Live,” two smart observers of the sports condition argued about whether the Eagles can still go all the way.

Seth Joyner said yes, Ed Rendell said yes but our chances have diminished without Kid Carson.

They’re both right.

I’m a glass is half full kind of guy.

I agree with Seth and Ed.

But sports are a funny thing.

Howie Roseman has had a magical year as the Eagles’ big boss, adding the pieces necessary last off-season and during this regular season to give the Birds a fighting chance to host a parade down Broad Street after winning the Super Bowl on Feb. 4.

I have faith and hope, and you should too.

The curse is a myth and you should put it out of your mind.

Will the Eagles win in Minny?

That’s why they play the games.



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