By Ben Sullivan

Calvin Johnson, who retired last offseason and will likely end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day, thinks Terrell Owens should be in there too.

“Hands down,” Megatron told the Detroit Free Press over the weekend. “You can’t name 10 receivers [better]. You got to at least name T.O. probably in there at some point.”

“If he was a humble guy — I’m not saying he’s not a humble guy, but if he didn’t have all the craziness in the media — maybe he’d be a first ballot,” Johnson said. “I don’t know. I’m not a voter, I don’t know. But I just assume that maybe that played into it. …

“[Owens is] one of the greatest receivers to play. All of us growing up, if you’re a professional player or a college player, you’re molding your game after guys. You see guys, you see things guys do. Like Randy Moss, I’m a Randy Moss guy. T.O., he’s a bruiser. You take different things from different guys.”

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