By Theodore N. Beitchman

Eddie Russeck loves the art of the deal.

The concept.

IMG_4828Not necessarily the book of the same name, although he is inclined to like its author, Donald J. Trump.

Let him tell you how it all got started:

“I filed an insurance claim because of storm damage to my house in New Hope,” Russeck says during an interview at Devon on Rittenhouse Square. “And the insurance guy low-balled me. So I negotiated and I got a much better deal.”

A light bulb went on!

logoAnd so was born Eddie Russeck Public Adjusters, Inc., whose motto is:


The 58-year-old Russeck grew up in Mt. Airy, went to Washington High and Temple and got into the import-export business. That led to Russeck Public Adjusters — 215-262-2983 —since 2006.

He honed his competitive skills playing basketball at Washington High and then in the Sonny Hill League, where he was a wily guard with skills that have served him well in business.

“I love this business,” he says. “It’s the art of the deal. Just like Trump. And if you hire me, you can’t be micro-managing me.”

This may or not be a typical Russeck negotiation but it gives you a taste of his attitude:

“A lawyer called and wanted to hire us,” Russeck tells the story with a smile. “He asked me what we charge. I told him 25 percent and he balked. So I asked him what he charges clients. ’33 or 40 percent,’ said the lawyer. “He wound up hiring us at the 25 percent rate!”

Eddie’s dad owned an auto parts store at 6th and Snyder in South Philly, but the son had his own ideas about his future.

“Five people work for me,” he says, “and they have the same attitude that I do — they never settle for less!”

Public adjusting is a 24/7/365 business, and Russeck is always available.

“No one ever calls me up to interview me — they hire me.”

He is very candid about what kind of claims he likes.

“I like a good fire, water or a storm claim — they’re my sweet spots.”

Public adjusting is a very competitive business, and Russeck prides himself on responsiveness.

“I’ve used him several times,” a satisfied customer says, “and have also referred him to several other friends and clients. Unlike so many others that I’ve dealt with, he’s on the ball and gets right back to you.”

Eddie is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and he has a very simple claim of his own:

“No recovery, no fee!”