By Michael Donovan

So, Sports Illustrated NFL expert Peter King rates Eagles quarterback 23rd best in the league, and this morning on 94WIP he tried to defend himself:

“To me, I separated them and I divided them — in many cases — by the quarterback,” King said. “I like Carson Wentz long-term, but I was worried about Carson Wentz the last whatever, 10, 12 games of the year last year. And I think he holds the key. If Carson Wentz comes back really strong and plays 16 games this year the way he played the first three games last year, I think I’ll be proven wildly wrong and they could be third and not 23rd.”

“Just the simple of experience of playing this game and playing at a high level, consistently,” King said of Wentz. “One of the things I looked at, is this is a really tough early season schedule they’ve got. Three of the first four are on the road.

“I do like him, it’s just that I need to see it first. I haven’t seen it. And I agree, his weapons are better, particularly Alshon Jeffery in a prove it year.

“I like Carson Wentz for the next five years, I just don’t really know whether I love him this year. I like him, but I gotta see it first.”