By Peter Gleason

Of all the blowhards on TV who get paid to spout conventional wisdom about the NFL as if it were gospel, the NFL Network’s Mike Mayock stands as an exception.

And he proved it yesterday when he compared Carson Wentz to Sam Bradford, the Eagles’ future and present QBS:

“When Bradford came out, there was a similar buzz. Coming out of Oklahoma, great Pro Day, blah, blah, blah, one of the more accurate college quarterbacks I’ve seen,” Mayock said. “The issue was then and still now, very slight frame and injury prone. That was kind of the caveat that came with all the glowing reports.

“Six years later, that’s still been his Achilles heel, because when he’s healthy for long periods of time, he can get pretty good. He still has a good arm. He still throws the ball with accuracy. So I look at Carson Wentz, and I see a big, thick, athletic kid with an elite arm, all the intelligence in the world. If you’re going to ask me for one negative, I would say, because he only has 23 starts, and I don’t care about Division I, AA, but because he’s only had 23 starts, that’s less than half as many throws as Jared Goff. Less than half as many throws as Connor Cook. So he doesn’t have as many reps. He needs to get the football. He needs to process information more quickly, and he needs to get the ball out more quickly.

“But that’s part of the normal developmental pattern of just about any college quarterback, and I think he has the intelligence and work ethic to get that done. So if you ask me today who I’m more excited about as a first round quarterback, it would be Carson Wentz over Bradford from back in the day.”


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