By Peter Gleason

This is not an April Fool joke!

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, who knows nothing about scouting NFL talent and has terrible judgment, is leading the team’s search for a new quarterback.

More than two years ago, Lurie made clear his belief that the team’s No. 1 priority was finding a franchise quarterback. Not long after that, it appeared they’d found one in Nick Foles, who threw for seven touchdown passes and no interceptions in a game at Oakland.

Since then, Foles was abruptly dumped onto the Rams for Sam Bradford, who currently has a two-year deal to be a well-paid Band-Aid.Chase Daniel is getting high-end backup money on a three-year contract, with an incentive package that could pay him a lot more if he becomes the starter.

With more than $24 million tied up this year in the top two spots on the depth chart, the Eagles now seem intent on finding a rookie who will supplant both of them. So intent that Lurie is personally attending private workouts and get-togethers with multiple 2016 draft prospects at the position.

The Eagles have decided to make a concerted effort to get the best quarterback they’ve had since Donovan McNabb (No. 2 in 1999) with the eighth overall selection in the 2016 draft.

So at a time when few teams have two quarterbacks about whom they feel confident, the Eagles could have, at least for a year, three of them.

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