By Sam Bush

Pitcher Spencer Howard once had the designation of a sure-fire Phils prospect.

Even Bryce Harper lobbied for his elevation to the big club.

Then reality hit, as it often does.

He was woeful.

And what’s worse it seemed like he couldn’t throw 30 pitches before he ran out of steam.

So the Phils traded him to Texas, where he has also sucked.

And now he is trying to blame someone for his failure:

The Phillies saw themselves in win-now mode while Howard knew that he needed to focus on long-term development over results at the big league level.

“I could have kept doing all the things I was doing in Philly and trying to get better in the wrong way, I guess?” Howard told Levi Weaver of The Athletic during a recent postgame Zoom press conference following a start with the Texas Rangers.

“Like trying to polish a turd? Or I could scrap that, put my faith in these guys in this organization, and just really get to work on becoming the best version of myself that I can be. And for me, that’s really the route that I wanted to take. I know it’s not going to be immediate. It’s gonna be a lot of tough games. But I know in the long run it’s going to be for the better.”

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