Says the Washington Post:

The Cowboys and Eagles are both 3-4, but they should be regarded in wholly different fashion.

Dallas has enough talent, but not a coach capable enough to realistically challenge for a playoff spot.

The end of the Washington loss showed why. Coach Jason Garrett was content to set up a 47-yard field goal — which turned into a 52-yarder after a penalty — rather than use the final 45 seconds to create a shorter field goal attempt or even try for a winning touchdown. It was part of a pattern of conservative coaching, with conservative being a euphemism for “dumb.”

As the NFC picture shows, there’s too much parity in the NFL to be giving away any small edge. Garrett does so on a weekly basis with his lack of creativity and strategic meekness. The Cowboys are cooked.

The case for the Eagles is built on faith.

They’ve scored only 22 points per game. Their only three victories have come over the Giants, Colts and Falcons, who have a combined record of 5-14, and the Colts and Falcons both threw a pass into the end zone on the final play of the game.

Sunday, just as Carson Wentz was playing his best game of the season, they blew a 17-point fourth quarter lead. They still have games left at the Rams and in New Orleans.

Flatly, the Eagles have not been good, and it may be foolish to conflate last year and this year. Those Eagles lost three games all season; these have already lost four. But the experience of winning a championship is hard to shake, and they still have Wentz. The Redskins have enough of an edge to win the division, but let’s still count on the Eagles to make their way to the playoffs:


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