The history of sports betting across the USA has not always been easy. Previous legislation effectively forced it underground in most US states and saw citizens using illegal bookies to place wagers. This all changed back in 2018, when the US Supreme Court ruled that individual states could legalize sports betting within their borders. This opened up legal sports betting across the USA as a number of states chose to implement legislation.

Sports fans who live in Philly or anywhere else around Pennsylvania certainly benefited from this, with the Keystone State became the seventh state to allow sports betting, and in May 2019 the legalization launched in Pennsylvania. This has been great news for local residents as sports betting in Pennsylvania has allowed legal wagers at offline and online sportsbooks.

Of course, Philadelphia is a hub for sports betting in the state but the practice is popular in many other towns and cities as well. With this in mind, it is fair to say that legalizing sports betting has brought many positive things to Pennsylvania, such as job creation and an additional attraction for out-of-state visitors.

But what about the wider sports community in Philadelphia and beyond? What has the legalization of sports betting in Pennsylvania meant to it?

Safer betting for those in Pennsylvania’s sports community

As we have hinted at above, before the 2018 US Supreme Court ruling on sports betting, sports betting was mostly an underground activity across the USA. This was certainly true in Pennsylvania and left those wanting to bet on sports at the mercy of illegal or unlicensed bookmakers.

The legalization of sports betting in the state has changed all of this for the wider sports community. Both land-based and online casinos are now fully regulated and licensed. This means that people in Pennsylvania have safe, reliable places to bet at, which are governed by strict laws that ensure they operate in a fair manner.

More convenient way to get in on the action

While land-based betting is popular, many people around Pennsylvania are beginning to use online sportsbooks. A big impact for the sporting community around the state therefore is how convenient online betting is. You can simply place your bet via any mobile device or computer – without having to leave the house! This makes betting more fun and less hassle, which is a positive thing for those interested in sports in Pennsylvania.

Now that sports betting is legal, it also allows fans in the Keystone State to become more closely involved with their favorite teams, players and leagues. Keeping up with the latest sporting news and doing your research to place bets is a great way to stay updated with all that is happening.

Builds a bigger, more vibrant sports community

When looking at what the legalization of sports betting has meant for Pennsylvania in general, it becomes clear that it has made the sports community more vibrant. Before sports betting was legal, only the hardcore fans would follow specific events. Now, more people, many of whom might not have been interested before, are becoming involved with different sports disciplines to bet on them. This has allowed the sporting community across Pennsylvania to grow and attract more people into it.

Sports betting helps to support the sports community

While much of what legal sports betting has brought to Pennsylvania’s sports community is individual, you also have to look at what is means for the bigger sporting picture. One of the major benefits it brings to any state is an increase in tax revenue. This influx of extra money can then be used by the state to pay for new public sporting facilities or renovate those in need. As a result, legalized sports betting means amenities for the sporting community in Pennsylvania can be improved.

Whether it is backing the Eagles 22-21 comeback victory over the NY Giants recently or predicting the Flyers’ playoff appearance in 2019/20, most people bet to try and win money. This is another key bonus legal sports gambling delivers to Pennsylvania’s community. As more residents begin to win money through betting, they will buy more merchandise from their favorite local teams or pay to watch them in action. All this brings vital money into the sporting community around the state.

Legalized sports betting has seen positive benefits

Looking at the above, it seems clear that the wider sporting community in Pennsylvania has seen many benefits from the legalization of sports betting. As more people bet on sports and more revenue is generated to be shared out, the entire community will begin to appreciate the positive changes resulting from the increased income.


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