By Sally Fahey

During an appearance last night in Scranton, President Trump was claiming that, thanks to him, news networks are “getting the highest ratings in the history of television” when he segued to one of his favorite talking points: that the protests of racial injustice during the national anthem by players in the NBA and NFL have, in his view, badly damaged the popularity of those leagues.

“How about basketball? How about LeBron?” Trump began as the crowd began to boo.

Jerry Brewer: Trump demolished the walls between politics and sports. He might not like the result.

Saying he “felt badly for LeBron,” Trump claimed that ratings for the sixth and deciding game of the NBA Finals, in which James’s Lakers defeated the Miami Heat, were “down 71 percent” from 2019.

“I didn’t watch one shot — I get bored,” the president said. “Back, forth, back, forth. You know why? When they don’t respect our country, when they don’t respect our flag, nobody wants to watch. Nobody. And the NFL is way down. You got to stand for our flag, you got to really be great to our flag and to our anthem, and if you don’t do that, we’re not watching.”

At that point, Trump turned to listen to chants of “LeBron James sucks!”

“What a crowd! What a crowd!” he exclaimed.

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