By Max Harper

The Eagles are in the Super Bowl to play the Chiefs next Sunday night, largely because they have the best offensive line in the NFL.

Anchored by right tackle Lane Johnson, who weighs 330 pounds and stands 6-6.

The Athletic’s Zach Berman unearthed an important stat about Johnson, previously unknown:

Unlike those who read the back of the label hoping their snack can somehow pass as healthy, Johnson couldn’t seem to eat enough calories.

He was 312 pounds about three years ago and wanted to reach 330, but he had a hard time eating enough food — or the right foods.

That’s when Stan Efferding came into his life. The founder of The Vertical Diet, Efferding designed a diet for Johnson that requires him to consume around 5,500 calories per day of micronutrient-dense, easy-to-digest food.

Yes, 5,500 calories per day.

“It’s a lot, but the whole thing is it’s easy on the digestive system,” Johnson, 32, said by his locker on Saturday after the final practice before traveling to Arizona. “So it’s not like you’re always bloated. … It’s a lot easier on the stomach than eating a whole bunch of stuff.”

The Philadelphia Eagles are in the Super Bowl with Johnson as perhaps the team’s best performer. He’s a first-team All-Pro who has not allowed a sack since the 2020 season. A 10-year veteran, Johnson is also a team captain and postponed surgery on a torn adductor suffered Christmas Eve so he could compete in the postseason.

His toughness will likely be lauded on Sunday’s broadcast. His public acknowledgments of his mental health struggles and confronting his anxiety have become sources of inspiration.

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