By Lewis Gould

If you want to know how lame Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is, just read his open letter to Cowboys fans about DeMarco Murray, who signed on Thursday with the NFC East rival Eagles:

“We are very grateful to DeMarco Murray for his contributions to the Dallas Cowboys. He is a quality person, a very good football player, and a player that we wanted to keep.

“We have great appreciation for his skills, and if there was no salary cap in place, DeMarco would be a Cowboy. This came down to an allocation of dollars within the management of the salary cap.

“Obviously there is emotion involved in these decisions, but it is critical that there be must be discipline involved as well. If it were a question of having an open checkbook with no salary cap constraints, we all know things would have worked out differently.”

Jones and all the other 31 NFL owners operate within the constraints of the salary cap, and every Cowboy fans knows that.

The fact is that the Cowboys made a business decision that they are now rushing to cover their asses about.


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