By Michael Bennett

As the Eagles prepare for tomorrow night’s Super Bowl 52 against the Patriots, it’s useful to remember that Jeffrey Lurie tried to buy the Pats 24 years ago and lost out to Bob Kraft before he bought to Eagles:

”Back in 1994 you had Kraft and Lurie, two Boston-area-born guys, who wanted to buy the Patriots,” recalled Joe Browne, a 50-year NFL front office executive who was executive vice president of communications and government affairs when he retired in March 2016.

“The league had gotten to the place where it was tired of the Patriots’ problems. It had gone from Billy Sullivan’s ownership to a Michael Jackson Victory Tour financial issue for him to Victor Kiam’s ownership and then James Orthwein. There were consistent financial problems all the way through and talk of selling the team and moving it. The league wanted stability there. Kraft and Lurie emerged as potential owners who wanted to keep the franchise there. Kraft had the upper hand because he already owned the land and the stadium. It turned out well for both.”

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