By Harry Allison

If you are wondering why LeSean McCoy is so hung up on the fact that Eagles coach traded him to Buffalo, join the club.

Maybe he feels justifiably pissed.

Perhaps he is looking to get back at Kelly who, it must be pointed, shit canned McCoy, an African-American, and then signed DeMarcus Murray, an African-American who happened to lead the NFL in rushing in 2014.

And maybe Shady just cannot shut up, a well known characteristic among sports talk radio hosts who want to be Charles Barkley.

In any event, here’s a timeline of the dumbest things Shady has said since the Eagles traded him two months ago:

May 6 – ESPN magazine publishes interview with McCoy in which the running back says: “You see how fast he got rid of all the good players. Especially all the good black players. He got rid of them the fastest. That’s the truth. There’s a reason. … It’s hard to explain with him. But there’s a reason he got rid of all the black players — the good ones — like that.”

April 8 – McCoy says; “I’m finished with Philadelphia”

April 7 – LeSean McCoy says he believes Chip Kelly ‘Doesn’t respect stars’. In an interview with Inquirer Eagles beat writer Jeff McLane, McCoy says that he doesn’t believe Chip Kelly respects star players.

“I don’t think he likes or respects the stars. I’m being honest,” McCoy said via McLane. “I think he likes the fact that it’s ‘Chip Kelly and the Eagles.’ It was ‘DeSean Jackson — a high-flying, take-off-the-top-of-the-defense receiver.’ Or ‘the quick, elusive LeSean McCoy.’ I don’t think he likes that.”

March 21 – LeSean McCoy says signing DeMarco Murray was a panic move by Chip Kelly and the Eagles: “I saw that they originally were trying to get Frank Gore, and he backed out,” McCoy said during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Podcast. “So then when they got DeMarco and they got [running back] Ryan Mathews, I thought it was like a panic move.”

March 10 – McCoy jokes that he told Frank Gore to back out of deal with the Eagles: In an appearance on NFL Network shortly after he was traded, McCoy says that he told Gore to back out of his agreement prior to free agency to sign with the Eagles. Gore did just that, leaving the Eagles and Kelly at the alter in favor of a deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

March 4 – LeSean McCoy is traded to the Buffalo Bills

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