By Max Harper

Eagles All Pro center Jason Kelce is much-beloved in Philly for his play and also for the way he embraced the underdog nature of the town during the Super Bowl parade on Feb. 8, 2018.

He turned the conversation today toward toward Sixers crybaby Ben Simmons.

“I tell guys, you write your own narrative. I don’t want to crush any other players, but what’s going on with the 76ers, Ben Simmons, stuff like that, all of that is because of a lack of accountability, a lack of owning up to mistakes and a lack of correcting things,” Kelce said after practice.

“If all that got corrected, if you’re fixing free throws, if you’re getting better as a player, none of this is happening. So everybody can bitch and complain about how tough this city is to play in. Just play better, man. This city will love you.”