Are you a football fan? Then odds are your interest is piqued whenever you hear of an upcoming game, especially if it features big teams with a lot of weight to their names. Imagine a football field filled with your favorite players, all of which are going to put on an extraordinary show for you and other viewers.

The sad truth, however, is that sometimes you quite simply can’t watch the games that you want, whether due to life obligations or unforeseen circumstances, which is why a score widget would do you a whole lot of good. You no longer have to stay glued to the radio to hear the announcer declare the score, as it’s now within reach of your fingertips.

How Are Football Scores Tracked?

The tracking of sports game statistics used to be done manually. That means having a scorekeeper on the side of the field that can to pay close attention to all the events of the game in order to jot them down on paper. Unfortunately, that is not the most efficient way of gathering information, since the human brain cannot quite keep up with reality as well as we’d like.

If you shoot a ball across a field, then trying to determine its velocity by eyesight is virtually impossible. Similarly, if you’re trying to determine which team has held possession of the ball more than the other, then you’d have to mark down the exact second in which the ball switches sides, which is bound to be inaccurate, as our reaction times simply aren’t that sharp.

The way that football scores are tracked in modern times is far more accurate. A high-quality camera set at the end of the playing field – or two for that matter, with one on each side – is able to record the game so that what happens can be carefully dissected without the stress of time weighing down on the shoulders of analysts.

Furthermore, cutting-edge artificial intelligence has become more and more common in professional sports leagues. We might not be able to accurately track the velocity of a shooting ball, but a robot can. After all, it makes thousands of calculations in a second, while we’re probably still struggling to add up two-digit numbers in less than three.

The information gathered from a sports game is then sent to a team’s analytics department, or, more relevant for consumers, to the public in the form of a presentable widget, whether on a TV channel or a mobile application.

What Is a Sports Score Widget?

The definition of a widget is that it is a small gadget or a mechanical device, although it tends to have a different connotation when referred to in conjunction with modern technology. A mobile application, for example, can also be called a widget, depending on what it can offer you or the way in which it has been laid out.

Far more relevant to the topic at hand would be the definition of a sports score widget. To put it simply, such a widget is a simple desktop or mobile application that can keep track of live sports scores, most frequently found on websites related to sports or betting. They’re also called statistics widgets.

In ages past, the only way you could find out the score of an ongoing match would either be to turn on the radio, or to tune in to the relevant TV channel. Though what do you do if you’re currently kept distracted by one thing or another, and can’t afford more than a flick of your hand to check the score? Despair? Certainly not. Modern technology has brought us far, and now we’re reaping the rewards.

Making use of a sports score widget is surprisingly easy, since all you need is an internet connection and a bit of tech-savvy. Not too much, though, as downloading an application is as simple as it can get. If you have a mobile phone, then logging in to the Apple Store or the Play Store and tapping the download button is all you have to do.

Be a Monday Morning Quarterback

Learning all you can about your favorite games is fun. If you’re the type that is curious to find out every little detail about a sports match, then we would wholeheartedly recommend you get yourself a football live score widget.

Web designer, programmer, sports aficionado – regardless of what you are, a sports widget would be both a fun little tool and toy to have by your side. Our suggestion? Try FeedConstruct’s!

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